Learning To Dance – When Does a Non Dancer Become a Dancer?

By | October 25, 2017

So here’s the question. How much do you need to know before you can ‘Dance’? Is there a set standard you must obtain in your chosen dance style before you can proudly say “Yes I can dance that dance.” Should you have to pass an exam do a test or be pronounced ‘A Dancer’ by a higher authority or is the fact that you can dance a Jive or Cha Cha something that you can credit to yourself once you feel proficient and confident enough in your own abilities.

Put another way if I went to a dance class and learnt enough Waltz steps that I could repeat enough times to see me through a complete song and get me successfully around the floor can I then say that “I can dance a Waltz.” Likewise for any other form of dance. If you can do a few moves or steps, repeat them enough times and carry them off in a reasonably confident manner can you then truthfully say that “Yes, I can dance that dance” even if it does need fine tuning with regard to the detail.

I’m sure there are many that will say that dancing is not just about being able to do a few steps, you need to make sure your posture is correct, your footwork is spot on, your hands are in the correct position, your head is facing the correct way, you’re wearing the correct shoes, so on and so on. But is this all really necessary if you’re an enthusiastic, social dancer who is learning for fun and does it all have to be learnt before you can say that you can dance?

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