Personal Trainer: Ballroom Dancing To Get Fit

By | October 25, 2017

Research shows that couples who dance the tango have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and higher amounts of testosterone, fueling sexual attraction, according to the Journal of Music and Medicine (, 2010).

The personal trainer sessions to learn the tango will be very productive. By learning the tango you will boost your vigor, get rid of stress, and maybe fall in love (if you dance the tango with that right person and your chemistry matches). Your personal trainer has studied the history of the tango as well as the dance moves. The tango originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and new research points to the dance’s usefulness in healing relationships and giving you a sense of well-being. Those who dance the tango tend to become calmer, feel more sexy, and become more bonded to their dance partner. Other dances have not produced quite the same dramatic psychological results. The passionate music plays a role in the dance partner’s sex drive being unleashed when dancing the tango. The rhythm and emotion has an effect on most dancers of the tango.

Before your personal trainer explains and illustrates to you the basic tango steps, you need to know how you hold your body with the other dancer. The man’s right hand is on the woman’s left shoulder, and the man’s left hand is holding the woman’s right hand. The woman’s left hand is placed halfway down the man’s right arm.

The basic tango steps as shown by your personal trainer have five steps that can be remembered by the first letters of the word TANGO, which also have 5 letters, and the steps follow this rhythm and duration: Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. In a similar way to most ballroom dances, the lead dancer (man) and the follow dancer (woman) do steps that mirror each other’s steps. Your personal trainer will have you take note that when taking tango dance steps, the heel of the foot comes down first before the toe. The tango steps of the man are:

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