Stand-Up Comedy With Funny Man and Break-Dancer, Lawrence Leung

By | October 25, 2017

We get down and funky with award-winning comedian, Lawrence Leung, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He’s successfully made the complex topic of science an enjoyable and entertaining experience by incorporating break-dancing and quirky experiments in his live acts. So what really goes on inside the mind of an ‘Albert Einstein-cum-Eddie Murphy’ type of person? Lawrence takes us on his intimate journey.

Interviewer: What were you like as a child growing up?

Lawrence: I remember being a curious child. I wanted to know how things worked so took apart telephones and clocks. Sometimes they didn’t work again so I got into trouble. I used to climb trees just to see the view from the top. The crown of a tree is the most inspiring place for daydreaming. It’s also a good place to throw nuts at the neighbour’s kids.

Lawrence: I knew I always enjoyed making people laugh when I was a kid. My fellow students thought I had a knack for slapstick comedy but really I was clumsy. I still am. I exploited that physical comedy in a lot of Theartesports competitions shows in high school. I guess my “training” in comedy was during my uni years with a comedy troupe called The Improbables. We were a handful of friends who performed improvised sitcoms and movies at theatres, pubs and comedy festivals. Some of us (Andrew McClelland, Christina Adams, Nick Caddaye and Yianni Agisilaou) went on to become successful stand up comedians both here and in

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