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Avoid These Six Common Life Insurance Mistakes

Life insurance is one of the most important components of any individual’s financial plan. However there is lot of misunderstanding about life insurance, mainly due to the way life insurance products have been sold over the years in India. We have discussed some common mistakes insurance buyers should avoid when buying insurance policies. 1. Underestimating… Read More »

Life Insurance for Diabetics: A Few Facts & Considerations

Individuals with serious medical problems, for example, diabetes (both type 1 and type 2), regularly find that they are turned down for life insurance in view of their condition of their physical well being. There are two sorts of diabetes which individuals create. There is childhood diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, otherwise called adult onset… Read More »

How to Insure a Senior Citizen With Term Life Insurance

For years there has been the idea that Senior Citizens don’t need life insurance At one time, insurance companies even refused to cover the elderly. Today, in many states, laws have changed to where they require life insurance companies to provide guaranteed coverage to those over the age of 63. But people 65 and older… Read More »

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

There are several considerations and benefits to choosing a whole life insurance policy over other different types of life insurance policies. With so many options in the insurance marketplace, it is certainly confusing to choose the best insurance plan for you. However, here are a few advantages of whole life insurance plans to help you… Read More »

Advocating Life Insurance – Our Financial Sword and Shield

Our Financial Sword and Shield: How My Family is Protected Against the Unexpected is an unusually relevant, inspirational and practical book. The author, Rowena Young has clearly worked hard to assemble just the right information to help people – especially women – take the initiative in protecting their families from financial stress if a family… Read More »