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Single Premium Life Insurance – Pros and Cons

Most of the time, when we purchase life insurance, we agree to make monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. There are some whole life policies which can be paid off, usually over a period of 7 years or more. But another way of purchasing coverage has begun to get more attention lately. This simply involves making… Read More »

Life Insurance – What Do You Leave Behind?

In the wake of your demise, you leave so much more than the bereaved. The grief of a lost one is enough to make loved ones despair, heaping financial issues on top of that loss is not how you want to leave your family — is it? Along with your demise goes your income, which… Read More »

Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is the assurance of protected life in financial terms. In this, you generally have to pay a premium amount, on monthly or yearly basis for a particular term depending upon the policy you choose. It can be either for a specific period of time or for whole life. Whole life insurances are generally… Read More »

Life Insurance Quotes?

We’ve all seen and heard the ridiculously low-priced rates for term life insurance. They’re not fake numbers but the reality is very few people actually qualify for the rates offered. The cost of life insurance is determined by two primary factors: Health and age, in that order. Pre-screening Requirements However, prior to a company considering… Read More »