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Advanced VMS Features for Heightened Security

Video management solutions seamlessly integrate all components of surveillance into an advanced turn-key solution that provides customers with extreme functionality and value. They often: • Incorporate an Intuitive UI: VMS offers user-intuitive graphical user interface that makes user experience easier while simultaneously supporting security best practices. Users can choose from a wide selection of viewing… Read More »

How to Design Rack Cards That Sell Your Hotel

The rack card is every hotel’s best friend. One simple and inexpensive 4″ x 9″ rack card can tell your hotel’s great story in both pictures and words. Even better, because it is so economical, a rack card can be distributed to many prospective guests without breaking the bank. Finally, rack cards fit into a… Read More »

Galapagos Cruises Versus Galapagos Hotel Based Tours

If you are not sure what type of Galapagos visit best suits your needs, the following information should provide you with a good understanding of the different types of tours available. Both cruises and hotel-based tours allow tourists to view unique wildlife, spectacular landscapes, and participate in activities such as snorkeling and hiking. The most… Read More »

Phantasmat Game Review

Things are not what they seem in Phantasmat, the latest game from Codeminion. A car crash, a desperate girl, a mysterious old hotel and a submerged town set the scene in this thrilling adventure. Can you successfully escape this phantasmal town and get help or will you end up becoming part of the scenery? Use… Read More »

Why Should You Use Video Conferencing?

Connecting two or more locations at the same time through a video is the main idea of Video Conferencing, which has made many advancements since its inception into the business world. It was no doubt expensive and highly technically based hardware system which could transmit an image for every two seconds, now we see conferencing… Read More »

Luxury Hotels in Rome – The Top 5

What do you look for in a luxury hotel? Location is important, along with value for money. It is not the cost which matters, but whether you feel you got what you paid for. Chandeliers in the foyer and original wall art not may not be enough to enhance your vacation, but thoughtful additional services,… Read More »

How to Choose the Best Hotel Suites for Your Family Vacation

Every family plans for a perfect vacation before travelling but sometimes their expectations do not always measure up. Of course, every parent wishes to provide their kids the dream holiday, but things can go awry if you don’t plan well. One of the most important aspects when travelling should be accommodation. Your destination might be… Read More »

The Great, Grand and the Famous Hotels in Delhi

India’s capital has more vision than any other city in India, concentrated in three districts- Old Delhi, New Delhi and South Delhi. And among the numerous attractions, the Delhi luxury Hotels are the grandest and the contemporary edifices. The big luxury hotels in Delhi are many than we need to mention, there are few very… Read More »

Do You Know The Common Human Resource Issues In The Hospitality Industry

Many businesses in the hospitality industry, both small and large have difficulty in understanding their human resource and employment relations obligations whichever country or countries they operate in! This is understandable given the raft of legislation and regulations governing (drowning) the employment environment in which governments seem to revel in. The hospitality industry is certainly… Read More »