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5 Tips For Your First Dance Competition

Are you getting ready for your first dance competition? If so, it can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you have never been to a dance studio before. Like others, you want to give your best. You may want to avoid all the issues before the big day. Given below are a few tips to… Read More »

Kinect Dance Games – Dance Your Heart Out!

Ever since the computer was invented, life has become easier. It enabled everyone to do things that were thought of as impossible in earlier times. People can now communicate with their loved ones who are abroad through chat and even see their loved ones through the camera. Student’s lives were also made easier because they… Read More »

Dance Class – Benefits of Joining Dance Class

For individuals who are obsessed with dancing, there are various sources that prove to be ideal to learn techniques. Be it a kid or an adult, a dance class is a wonderful way to learn the dancing steps. From tango to foxtrot, and even for the salsa, classes not only help the enthusiast to bring… Read More »

The Purpose of Modern Dance

Modern dance is one of the hardest genres to define by technique. Modern isn’t necessarily fast or slow or done to specific music, or any music. It doesn’t necessarily highlight specific physical skill or tell a story. It isn’t necessarily anything. And it can include everything. This is fine and great from the view point… Read More »

Burma And The Elephant Dance

At the outset I want you to know that for a proper understanding of this article it is important to take into account that there is a close relationship between Burma, the Burmese people and elephants and want to briefly explain why this is so. The elephant is the largest land animal (mammal) and in… Read More »

The Difference Between Ballet, Lyrical Dance and Jazz

If you or your children are thinking about learning how to dance, you’ll soon find there are several choices of dance classes at your local dance studio. So, how do you choose a style? Perhaps the first thing you should learn is what the different styles of dance are. The top three choices for dance… Read More »

How Dancing Increases Your Confidence

Dancing requires confidence but did you know dancing builds your confidence on and off the dance floor? Want to gain confidence, make new friends, find that new relationship or perhaps improve your social life? You can achieve all these and much more by taking regular dance lessons. Learning to dance gives you more confidence, builds… Read More »

What Is the True Essence of Dance?

In general, dance is considered a kind of art in which it involves movements of the body along with the rhythm of the music. The type of movements will just depend on the type of dance, of course. Well, there have been different types of dance which are consistently performed in many people around the… Read More »

Learn to Dance – Discipline in Dancing

Dancing is fun and should be enjoyed, but if you are going to get into a serious dance class, I believe that you should understand the essence of discipline. What is discipline in dancing? Every kind of dance requires a specific type of discipline. But what’s sad these days is that the upcoming generation seems… Read More »