Dubai – A Destination You May Have Been Looking For

What comes to most people’s minds whenever Dubai is mentioned, is, successful melting pot. It is a wonderfully modern yet ethnic city that values innovation and modernity. It is not all about malls or skyscrapers, when you come to Dubai, there is always something to do for everyone. Ranging from the gloriously tempting beaches to… Read More »

Famous Beaches in Dubai

You can choose to stay at one of the many beach hotels. Your stay on the beach in Dubai will be quite exciting. You can plan your vacation to Dubai online. You can save time and money by making reservations online too. Famous beaches in Dubai include Jumeirah Beach, Mamzar Beach, and Jebel Ali Beach.… Read More »

Dubai Apartments for Rent

Dubai apartments cater to people that plan to stay for a long term. The types of apartment that you should rent depend on whether you are going for a leisure trip or job. If you are going for a holiday trip, you can rent a self service hotel apartment that is located far away from… Read More »

Dubai in 3 Days: A Showcase of the Best the World Has to Offer

If you thought that Dubai is good only as a shopping destination, then think again. Dubai today looks quite close to your fantasies of Heaven on Earth. Be sure to see the best of architecture, the latest state-of the-art facilities, the best hygiene and sanitation, the best deals in the market, the friendliest people, and… Read More »

Dubai Hotel Market Review

Dubai has fast become a popular holiday and business destination for international visitors and the hospitality industry is thriving. With this many visitors to the country, the hotel sector has seen a rapid increase of bookings causing hotels to introduce over 1000 additional hotel rooms in Q4 2013 and a further 5,500 additional hotel rooms… Read More »

Dubai 5 Star Hotels

As everyone knows, Dubai is of course among the top tour destinations in the world, the life style is awesome over here. The beaches, deserts, luxury 5 star hotels, huge shopping malls and other activities are one of the beauties of the city. Let’s have a read about five star hotels in Dubai. In Dubai,… Read More »

Most Luxurious Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is situated in the United Arab Emirates which is located in the Middle East. The culture is Arabic and they are very friendly. It is home to people who belong to different cultures who live in perfect harmony. This city is home to hotels that are among the world’s top rated hotels. They provide… Read More »

Dubai for Disabled Tourists

Dubai, the pearl of United Arab Emirates is not only a dream destination for the normal tourists but a Dubai trip for disabled offers so much to do and as many conveniences that one can not imagine. Dubai has emerged in the map of the world of tourism not very long ago. It is the… Read More »

Advanced VMS Features for Heightened Security

Video management solutions seamlessly integrate all components of surveillance into an advanced turn-key solution that provides customers with extreme functionality and value. They often: • Incorporate an Intuitive UI: VMS offers user-intuitive graphical user interface that makes user experience easier while simultaneously supporting security best practices. Users can choose from a wide selection of viewing… Read More »